Tuesday, August 4, 2015

True Treasures Of Your Life

Every life is filled with treasures.
None are excluded.
But in our pursuit of things we want
 and think we need,
(and in the busyness of life)
we often overlook treasures of our life
we are blessed with now,
and forfeit joy only they can give.

Some things in life are replaceable,
those that aren't
 are precious,
and should be prized above all else.
At the top of the list is the gift of life
whose life long generosity,
makes all things possible.

Next on the list
are our families and friends,
followed closely by the treasures
of home, health, love, hope, peace.
Don't forget to include success, happiness, faith,
a meaningful purpose,
talents we've been given,
and dreams to light our way.,

As the rich river of life
never stops flowing or blessing,
more treasures, both great and small, come our way
and make life more beautiful.
The magnificence of creation is a treasure.
The sun, moon and stars, tree's, blooming flowers,
blue skies, and sunshine,
the music of birds, the change of seasons.
Truly there is an abundance of treasures.

Don't miss out!
Sometimes we do
because of misconceptions we hold,
believing our treasures are somewhere down the road,
not with us now,
but in new things to be found,
at a later time and place.
Or by believing it's only possible for us to have them
after we have achieved some important goal in life.
These beliefs are not true.
You can enjoy them now.

Some consider treasures
as only things that money can buy.
While things can make our life more comfortable
and even provide momentary happiness,
nothing satisfies the soul and spirit,
like treasures of the heart.
Mankind's basic needs for happiness has never changed.
(We actually need very little more.)
You can add other pleasures,
but you can never hope to be happy
outside of the fulfillment of these needs,
for they are the cornerstone
upon which happiness depends.
To have these treasures
is to have the greatest wealth imaginable.

For your day to day happiness
it is important to realize
your happiness is not out there somewhere
in the distant future,
but in the things you hold dear today.
These are the true treasures of your life.
Want to be happier and enjoy life more?
Stay where you are.
You don't need to go on a treasure hunt,
but simply need to open your eyes and
Treasures that make your life worth living,
and living
a priceless treasure.....

By Nancye Sims
Copyright 2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Leave Good Footprints

Truly life is a precious journey
all of us take.
Each decision we make is a step
that leaves an indelible footprint,
for good or bad,
success or failure,
happiness or sorrow.
So walk carefully my friend
with much thought;
your footprints will follow where ever you go.
Make good footprints
and good will be
your ever present companion.
Walk in love.
Reach out in kindness.
Speak peace.
Harm no one.
Be a light for good.
Live in truth.
Spread hope.
Embrace your fellowman.
Build bridges.
Be a friend to all.
Show compassion.
Bless others.
Champion respect.
Give your best.
Do what is right.
Make a difference.
(Everyone can!)
Live your life in such a thoughtful
and honorable way,
that when you or others look back
on the landscape of your life,
you will feel good,
you will feel proud,
of the footprints
you have left behind,
and the life-size portrait of you
they have etched
on the glass of time.
Footprints that not only allowed you
to live well,
and at peace,
but footprints that made this world
(that sometimes seems crazy)
a better place to be,
because it was graced by your presence,
blessed by your spirit,
gifted abundantly,
by the bright footprints
you left behind.....
By Nancye Sims
Copyright 2015

You Can Reach The Mountaintop

No matter what your problem is, whether it's as big as a mountain, or as small as a grain of sand, you can overcome it.
You can be victorious!

There are solutions to every problem.
You simply have to discover them.
Think of your problem as a three part journey; with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

You may be at the beginning, just now realizing there is a problem, or you may be further along, gaining some ground, but no complete victory just yet. Where ever you are isn't as important as moving forward, and not letting anything stop you from arriving at the mountaintop.

Know that not only do you have inner strengths that will help you, others will help you along the way, as will higher powers. You are never alone on your journey. Never are you hopeless.

Miracles occasionaly happen over night, but don't look for this. Expect victory to take some time and give yourself time. It will take take work and maybe sacrifice, but it will be more than worth it.

It may take you places you've never been before. (Think of it as scenery along your journey.) For sure, victory will take a lot of determination. Greater yet, it will take a firm commitment. But if you stay with it, staying is the key word, as you can't win if you don't stay in the game, sooner or later, you will get there. You will know the unequaled joy of winning, of conquering that mountain.

To help you achieve victory over your problem, it would be wise to daily recite the following words. Or repeat them to yourself throughout the day, if the day seems long and hard, and your strength is weak.

I will not give up. I will get through this. There are solutions to my problem. I will not accept defeat. I will not surrender. I will win. I will overcome.

Now keep believing.
Keep working.
You will get on the other side of your problem.
All overcomers do!

Keep your eyes on the prize.
Success is just one more step up that mountain side.
Congratulations are waiting,
so start planning a celebration now.
A great, great big victory celebration.

Because you are going to conquer. You are going to overcome.

And because my friend, you are going to reach the mountaintop.
And my, oh my! What a glorious view...

By Nancye Sims
Copyright 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You Are Worthy

My friend, never let anyone tell you that you are not worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy of many great things.

First of all, you are worthy of respect. Don't let anyone disrespect you.

You are worthy of being heard. Don't let others silence your voice.

You are worthy of being seen. Don't let others treat you like you are invisible.

You are worthy of having opinions. Don't allow anyone to rob you of you of them.

You are worthy of your feelings. Don't hold them back to please others.

You are worthy of being taken seriously. Refuse to be dismissed.

You are worthy of being treated well. Don't tolerate bad treatment.

You are worthy of your needs being met. Don't neglect yourself, or allow others to say, you don't matter.

You are worthy of acceptance. Let it begin with you.

You are worthy of saying no to hurt. Refuse to let others hurt you.

You are worthy to live without fear. Don't let anyone make you a prisoner.

You are worthy to live in peace. Protect yourself from those who steal it.

You are worthy to have whatever is important to you. Make sure you have it.

You are worthy of honesty. Insist others be truthful with you.

You are worthy of fairness. Demand it.

You are worthy of of understanding and compassion. Avoid those who offer neither.

You are worthy of forgiveness. If others don't forgive, or can't forgive, then let them go.

You are worthy of having dreams. Try to make them a reality.

You are worthy of being loved. Never doubt it, or forget it.

You are worthy of happiness. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't...

By Nancye Sims

Copyright 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

There's No One Like You In The World

You are unique. One of a kind. There is no one like you in the world. That makes you more than okay. It makes you special. It makes you beautiful in many ways. So there's no need to try to be like others. You were not meant to be. You were meant to be you. So be you. This is the best person you can be.

Don't listen to the world (or anyone) that tries to mold you into someone, or something that you aren't. You can nicely say thanks, but no thanks. Listen to yourself.To your heart. To your dreams.Your desires. Your Needs. Make decisions for your life from here. Not from what the world says.

Don’t take away from your uniqueness by trying to change it. Trying to be someone you aren't only leads to failure. Instead strive to be the best version of you that you can be, and you will be a great success.

Use your time and energy to make the most of who you are; to build yourself up, not to tear yourself down. If others reject you, don’t be hard on yourself. Their rejection has nothing to do with who you are, but with who they are.

Simply be you. Accept yourself as being imperfect, but not unlovable, for your strengths far exceed any weakness. Embrace the goodness in you, there is more there than you appreciate.

You are a part of the universe not by accident, but by perfect design. You have a special place and purpose. Trust in it. There’s a star in the sky with your name on it. Claim that star and let it shine, let it shine, let it shine……

Copyright © 2014 By Nancye Sims

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Today Is The Day To Pursue Your Dreams

Your dreams can come true. But they won't if you think this and do nothing. A sincere and dedicated effort is required on your part.

In a hurry to reach your dreams? Wisely accept the fact that your dreams aren't going to come true over night. Be patient. Be realistic. Dreams take time. In the mean time work hard. It is the journey that give them meaning, and makes the reward sweeter.

Please don't think your dreams depend upon someone else. They don't. They depend on you. They are your responsibility. Only you can give what is in you. What your dreams give you, depends entirely upon what you have given them.

Do you think dreams only come true for those who are lucky? I'm sorry my friend. Luck doesn't make dreams come true. Dreamers do. Count yourself lucky (and blessed) if you're smart enough to realize this. Many don't, and they lose out.

If you think dreams come true without disappointments along the way, it simply isn't true. Disappointments will come. But you can handle them. No disappointment is insurmountable unless you give up.

Think your dreams are impossible? How do you know? What kind of facts do you have? Before you decide that, why don't you give yourself a chance? Don't you have more to lose by not trying than you do by trying?

Convinced your dreams exceed your abilities? Again, how do you know? Today's abilities exceed yesterdays, and tomorrows will exceed today's. It's not lack of abilities that holds dreamers back, but lack of faith. Have faith. Increase your faith. Everyone (that includes you) has reasons to have faith in themselves.

Do you know that dreams require commitment? Commitment is very, very important. Commitment is the heart of success. Without commitment nothing is achieved.

Do you think your dreams can wait forever? Think you have all the time in the world? Don't count on it. The truth is, opportunities come and go. There are few guarantees. It is wisest to seize whatever opportunities you have today. Tomorrow may be too late.

Today is the day to pursue your dreams. To make yourself happier. To fulfill your God given purpose. To live life to the fullest.

Today, Today, is the day to pursue your dreams...

By Nancye Sims

Copyright 2014