Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Leave Good Footprints

Truly life is a precious journey
all of us take.
Each decision we make is a step
that leaves an indelible footprint,
for good or bad,
success or failure,
happiness or sorrow.
So walk carefully my friend
with much thought;
your footprints will follow where ever you go.
Make good footprints
and good will be
your ever present companion.
Walk in love.
Reach out in kindness.
Speak peace.
Harm no one.
Be a light for good.
Live in truth.
Spread hope.
Embrace your fellowman.
Build bridges.
Be a friend to all.
Show compassion.
Bless others.
Champion respect.
Give your best.
Do what is right.
Make a difference.
(Everyone can!)
Live your life in such a thoughtful
and honorable way,
that when you or others look back
on the landscape of your life,
you will feel good,
you will feel proud,
of the footprints
you have left behind,
and the life-size portrait of you
they have etched
on the glass of time.
Footprints that not only allowed you
to live well,
and at peace,
but footprints that made this world
(that sometimes seems crazy)
a better place to be,
because it was graced by your presence,
blessed by your spirit,
gifted abundantly,
by the bright footprints
you left behind.....
By Nancye Sims
Copyright 2015

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