Tuesday, August 4, 2015

True Treasures Of Your Life

Every life is filled with treasures.
None are excluded.
But in our pursuit of things we want
 and think we need,
(and in the busyness of life)
we often overlook treasures of our life
we are blessed with now,
and forfeit joy only they can give.

Some things in life are replaceable,
those that aren't
 are precious,
and should be prized above all else.
At the top of the list is the gift of life
whose life long generosity,
makes all things possible.

Next on the list
are our families and friends,
followed closely by the treasures
of home, health, love, hope, peace.
Don't forget to include success, happiness, faith,
a meaningful purpose,
talents we've been given,
and dreams to light our way.,

As the rich river of life
never stops flowing or blessing,
more treasures, both great and small, come our way
and make life more beautiful.
The magnificence of creation is a treasure.
The sun, moon and stars, tree's, blooming flowers,
blue skies, and sunshine,
the music of birds, the change of seasons.
Truly there is an abundance of treasures.

Don't miss out!
Sometimes we do
because of misconceptions we hold,
believing our treasures are somewhere down the road,
not with us now,
but in new things to be found,
at a later time and place.
Or by believing it's only possible for us to have them
after we have achieved some important goal in life.
These beliefs are not true.
You can enjoy them now.

Some consider treasures
as only things that money can buy.
While things can make our life more comfortable
and even provide momentary happiness,
nothing satisfies the soul and spirit,
like treasures of the heart.
Mankind's basic needs for happiness has never changed.
(We actually need very little more.)
You can add other pleasures,
but you can never hope to be happy
outside of the fulfillment of these needs,
for they are the cornerstone
upon which happiness depends.
To have these treasures
is to have the greatest wealth imaginable.

For your day to day happiness
it is important to realize
your happiness is not out there somewhere
in the distant future,
but in the things you hold dear today.
These are the true treasures of your life.
Want to be happier and enjoy life more?
Stay where you are.
You don't need to go on a treasure hunt,
but simply need to open your eyes and
Treasures that make your life worth living,
and living
a priceless treasure.....

By Nancye Sims
Copyright 2015

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